Mechanical and Electrical Quality Audit and Defect Reports

Trafford Arch

Barbour Consulting Limited is an ISO9001: 2015 registered Mechanical and Electrical building services engineering consultancy, specialising in the production of Mechanical and Electrical quality audit and defect reports within the commercial environment. The need for this service has grown steadily during recent years due to variable installation quality standards within the contracting industry.

Dependant upon the level of service that you require, we are able to inspect the quality of the installation standard and materials used, verify test results as provided by your contractor for compliance with current standards and subject to provision of design criteria and drawings, carry out an audit of the design.

Upon completion of our audit we will prepare a plain English summary of our findings complete with electronic images where applicable, together with a detailed list of any noted deviations from the national standards.

Our standard hourly fee is £110.00 per hour, including chargeable office based report production with a combined minimum fee of £380.00 per site visit, travelling time plus incurred expenses will be charged as appropriate for journeys in excess of ½ hour.

Mileage £0.45 per mile – Travelling time £110.00 per hour (charged ½ hourly).

Longer term contacts attract our daily external (site based) fee of £880.00 plus expenses incurred (Subsistence, parking, travelling, congestion etc).

Overnight expense rate £280.00 – applicable > 75 miles travelling.

All quoted fees are subject to Vat as applicable and based upon 30-day payment terms.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team on 01342 477180.